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Moon Bars chocolate For Sale Portland Oregon, With 250mg of THC in each bar, Moon Bars will send you into space and give you the feeling of being on the moon in no time. These bars are incredible, and the helpful dosage tracker chart on the back of each packet will help you always get the dosage that is correct for you. There are roughly (10) 25mg THC dosages per 22 gram bar’s 250mg THC content. Moon Bars are beneficial for bodily aches, insomnia, and relaxation. The high is undoubtedly one of creative potential and energy, but it also comes with the munchies, so have some snacks close by just in case. It is a highly helpful buzz for problem-solving and carrying out simple chores. You can count on this fantastic bar to have an early start and a robust duration that doesn’t leave you hanging in space.

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This custom made chocolate bar was made in collaboration with Seattle Chocolate. Moon Rocks is a milk chocolate truffle bar with Popping Candy inside! Celebrate with this one of a kind chocolate.

Power, Efficacy, and Affordability | Moon Bars chocolate For Sale Portland Oregon

Given my limited tolerance for edibles, I started with one dosage to see whether I required more, but I didn’t. Even someone with a highly developed edible tolerance would likely appreciate the high after ingesting just 10mg.
Black hole – Despite the fact that I am a light eater and have a small dislike for dark chocolate, this bar exceeded my expectations.
After taking five tiny pieces of the prescribed quantity, I saw a noticeable difference after about 30 minutes.

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